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Volunteer, Machida

I was a bit afraid to volunteer, not knowing what to expect or how it works. Looking back, the only thing I regret, is not getting involved earlier! It was so easy and most of all, I realized how much I could contribute.


Volunteer, Ikebukuro

I became aware of wrong things happening in our society and realized I have to do something. It's our future being shaped for the next generation. Once I got involved, the next step followed naturally... becoming an advocate!


Volunteer, Shinjuku

Being able to support justice in society, in a simple and practical way, not only helped the cause, but added value to my own life as well.


Not everyone is called to work on the front lines of child trafficking, but many are called to support our front line workers! 

Our goal is to provide end-to-end prevention, rescue and restoration services to all children that have been exploited, which we cannot do without your help!  We are greatly encouraged and blessed whenever you contribute your time, talents or finances (it doesn't matter how big or small) to bring hope and healing to a hurting child.

Do any of these opportunities speak to your heart? 


We rely 100% on your generosity!  Your financial support, no matter how small, will help us to expand our services, cover operational expenses such as facilities and salaries, fund our hotline for survivors and much more. 


Awareness and education are crucial to prevent child trafficking - and most people are simply not aware that it is happening all around them.  You can become a voice for the voiceless by hosting a ZOE Japan lecture at your workplace, church, school or even a virtual session with your friends.  Your social network combined with our educational content could save a child's life!  Email us to request a lecture or workshop.  


We believe that the power of prayer can move mountains!  We are so dependent on prayer warriors to intercede for survivors and frontline workers.  Get started today by downloading this prayer guide, or invite us to host a prayer session at your church.  


Would you like to volunteer your time?  We need: 


TRANSLATORS  All of our content is produced in both Japanese and English, and it greatly reduces our workload if you can support with a rough translation.  


Are you comfortable talking to strangers?  Join us for a street outreach where we conduct surveys and hand out educational material to young people.  


Help us break the strongholds by doing a prayer walk with our team before or during outreach events.  Contact us for more information.  


Are you passionate about videography and proficient in Final Cut Pro?  We could use your skill!  Contact us for more information.  


We are constantly producing new posters and short stories for teens and children.  If you are an artist (manga or otherwise), we could really benefit from your skill!  


Most of the vulnerable children are approached by traffickers through social media.  You can make a huge difference by sharing ZOE posts as widely as possible.  


We sometimes require logistics coordination for our video related projects.  This involves coordination with organizations in other cities, booking hotels and transport and general communication in Japanese and/or basic English.


Thank you for partnering with us!

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