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Art Festival 2023

The 32nd Omejuku
Art Festival 2023

Come visit our ZOE booth!

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18-19 November 2023 
Saturday, Sunday

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159-2 Honcho, Ome, Tokyo 198-0083
"Kokusai Koryu Haikara Hiroba"

Come and visit our ZOE Japan booth at the Omejuku Art Festival in Ome, Tokyo on November 18 and 19.
You can find us at the "Kokusai Koryu Haikara Hiroba" (a special venue in the Honcho parking lot in front of Ome Station) where you can enjoy music, dances and food from around the world as well as activities for kids.

Why not come to the event and take a step toward ending child trafficking?

Come and learn about the activities of ZOE International in the USA, Thailand, Australia, Mexico and Japan. 
There will be
 fun activities for children and free educational resources for parents

This is a special two-day event where you will encounter an artistic Ome city while touring the retro Showa-era streets.  
Festival website

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